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Make your own medical mask storage

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Make your own medical mask storage

Further down this post are the files and some pictures of the actual make for this post, a compact medical mask storage box. But first, some general context (read: complaining) as to why I made this in the first place.

Having just returned from a trip abroad which involved plenty of public transport and shopping, there are a few things that annoy me about the current need to wear medical masks or other face coverings; not one of them is actually wearing a mask. Rage inducing mask related things include:

  • People wearing masks around the bottom of their chins (just don’t bother).
  • Pulling my glasses off my face when I remove one.
  • People who wear them just over their mouths.
  • Seeing discarded masks on the floor/in the canal/in a tree.
  • People constantly pulling at them and gasping for air like someone’s pulled a plastic bag over their head.
  • Not having a mask when I need one
  • Keeping a mask in my pocket where I put my hands/phone/wallet and then breathing all my air through it.
Here I am in Manchester Airport 3 weeks ago looking suitably dishevelled complete with steamed up glasses. These masks are going to be part of our lives for quite a while.

It’s those last two that prompted this latest make. Keeping a mask in your pocket, bag or car is the obvious choice to make sure you always have one. The problem is they are then exposed to dirt and contaminants. Also, the disposable medical masks aren’t particularly robust and get worn and frayed easily making them uncomfortable and/or unsafe.

What’s the solution then?

I’ve designed a couple of simple medical mask storage cases that you can print at home, one holds two masks the other holds one. They will keep any standard sized medical mask safe in your pocket by simply folding it twice and placing it inside. I give no guarantee of fitness for purpose (see my standard disclaimer page if you’re really interested in legal jargon). They should, however, mean you can keep one or two masks in your pocket or bag without them becoming dirty, creased and tatty.

You can download them for free below. If you want to support the blog then please follow me on Instagram, it’ll take you like maybe 5 seconds… I’ll wait.

Download the files

Geeky Design and 3D Printing Bit

The cases are designed to print easily with supports turned on or off. I print mine with supports turned on and just really dial down the density. The only feature that really benefits from support are the little lugs on the lid so if you’re feeling up to it, maybe add support blockers for any others. As you like. Print both parts with the external flat surfaces flat on the bed, so the lid will be upside down.

Once both parts are printed and any supports or rough edges are taken off, then simply align the lugs on the lid with the opening on the base and press carefully and firmly until the two parts snap together. Simple.

Support Crin Makes Stuff

I’m obviously giving away the files for free but running a website isn’t. So if you’d take a second to follow me on Instagram that helps me reach more people when I post. If you’d like to contribute to the cost of hosting the files then use the donate button at the bottom of the page. Cheers.



A lifelong fan of making and breaking things. If you can do it yourself, why wouldn't you?

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