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Mohawk Toaster – Sugru Hack

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Mohawk Toaster – Sugru Hack

Sugru and Aluminum

When 10’000 people have seen your toaster; that’s an odd situation. Turns out a 5-minute hack using a packet of Sugru and a small sheet of aluminium can cause quite a stir on the interwebz. It was only meant to be an Instagram post but seeing as it got so much attention I thought I’d make a short full post on the site.

Brief how-to…

Time needed: 20 hours.

  1. Buy Sugru.

    It’s fantastic stuff even if you don’t know what you’ll need it for yet.

  2. Buy aluminium.

    Make sure it’s thin enough to cut easily.

  3. Cut

    Cut your aluminium to size. You should be able to do this with a decent pair of scissors (aluminium is very soft). Make it long enough to reach all the way across the top of your toaster.

  4. Shape

    Roll the Sugru out into a long cylinder using a stiff flat surface like a book. (glossy covers will work best) Use your piece of aluminium as a length guide when rolling, make it slightly longer.

  5. Mark

    Mark a line on your toaster that runs directly down the middle.

  6. Lay

    Lay the Sugru along the line and push it down gently.

  7. Place aluminium

    Carefully align the edge of the aluminium with the line of Sugru and press down until it bottoms out on the top of the toaster.

  8. Secure

    Gently press and smooth the Sugru into the corner on both sides with a slightly oily finger (it stops it sticking to you).

  9. Support

    Put two heavy objects on either side of the sheet and adjust until the sheet is vertical.

  10. Wait

    Wait until it is cured.

Sugru think I’m a “genius”

Reddit was nice to me too (mostly)

Reddit post

Seriously though, Reddit surprised me on this one. It’s amazing how controversial it became. Some people were upset about it not, perhaps, perfectly stopping cross-contamination. Others were outright angry about celiac disease, somewhat inexplicably. There were also some nice comments.

“You are a great husband and inventor.”


So there you go, an easy hack to do, that doesn’t cost much money. Especially if you already have one or both of the materials, which I did. Happy toasting.



A lifelong fan of making and breaking things. If you can do it yourself, why wouldn't you?

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