Bosch GSB 18-2-LI PLUS 18V


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Without tools, we’d all have larger bank balances.

You’d be hard pushed to make anything without tools. This page will keep a track of what tools I’m currently using (or at least some of it) and a link to my review or tutorial for that tool if one exists. Let’s jump right in.

Compound Mitre Saw

Makita – LS1018L

Makita – Compound Mitre Saw (LS1018L) - Crin Makes Stuff's Tools of Choice
It doesn’t look like this anymore but this is the Makita – Slide Compound Mitre Saw (LS1018L) when it was brand new.

A mitre saw is something everyone needs as soon as they can afford it, especially if you’re planning on making big stuff. The time one of these saves you cutting pieces to length is easily worth every penny you spend on it. Go for something smaller than this if you’re planning to move it around, this one is heavy!

Essentialness: Moderate

Price: £350

Power: 240V Mains

Weight: 19.9 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 825 mm x 536 mm x 633 mm

Full Specification: Makita Official Product Page

Drill Driver

Bosch GSB 18-2-LI PLUS 18V

Bosch GSB 18-2-LI PLUS 18V - Tools
A great drill at a decent price. This has done a lot of work and hasn’t once let me down on power.

Arguably, this is the single most important tool you will own or at least one of the first to buy. A drill driver makes holes in walls, timber and any other materials you may be working on but also drives screws by changing the bit. This Bosch actually came as part of a set with my impact driver and a free tool bag, you’ll probably want both a drill and an impact driver so buying them in a set like this is advisable. The set included 2 batteries and a charger. As far as drill drivers go it’s really got to be cordless these days. Whatever brand you go with make sure the battery is Li-Ion and comes with the batteries included. Watch out for ordering what looks like a cheap deal but that doesn’t include a battery, these are often listed as “bare”.

Essentialness: Essential

Price: £120 (or £150 as part of a set with an impact driver)

Power: 18V Li-Ion Battery

Weight: 1.2 kg

Dimensions (L x H): 202mm x 230mm

Full Specification: Bosch Official Product Page